iPhotoshop Course 2:

MORE World-Class Photoshop Training

iPhotoshop Course 2 is the extensive training series that follows on from iPhotoshop Course 1. This course can be purchased separately, or as a course bundle and is delivered to your screen by our world-class team of dedicated Photoshop experts.

In this second series of 20 packed online training modules, you’ll discover yet more powerful tips, insider tricks and professional techniques that will help you attain true mastery of Photoshop.



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learn how to write children's books
Module 1: Flying Out of Bounds

Through these 6 high-flying video tutorials, you will discover advanced masking techniques used by the professionals, which are vital for creating an impressive ‘out of bounds’ effect.

Use the work-files provided to watch-do-learn with our instructors and create the exact same image you see here. The skills you develop here are highly transferable so you’ll be able to adapt and apply them to any future images you’re working with.

Module 2: Vanishing Perspective (click to open)

Infuse imagination and creativity into your images, with the simple steps covered throughout these 6 fascinating tutorials.

Follow along with our expert instructors as they demonstrate how to effectively use the Vanishing Point Filter. Learn how to edit an image while retaining perspective and depth; a technique you can use to your advantage over and over again.

Module 3: Masking Fur (click to open)

Unleash your animal instincts and bring your imagination to life with the new and exciting technologies you’ll discover in this set of enchanting video tutorials.

In this module, you’ll work alongside our experts as they illustrate how using a combination of filters and masking tricks can create enticing, atmospheric scenes from simple, everyday photographs. Recreate your very own twilight scene. Not to be missed!

Module 4: Creative Advertising (click to open)

Ever wanted to star in your own movie? Well, now you can! In this gripping module you’ll discover the little-known techniques used in dramatic advertising campaigns and you’ll learn the secrets behind the blockbuster movie posters.

Use the work files provided or bring your family photos to the table and follow along as we show you, step-by-step, how to design your own movie poster that would make Hollywood proud!

Module 5: Atmospheric Poster (click to open)

Ever wondered how professional designers achieve those dramatic lighting effects? Throughout these 7 video lessons, you’ll discover how to create the illusion of an eerie, yet enticing atmospheric night scene, by applying captivating special effects.

Once you have learned these unique and invaluable steps you’ll be able to apply these techniques to your own image creations, or follow along with our experts using the downloadable work files provided.

Module 6: Marketing Credits and Type (click to open)

Discover how to design credit blocks like the experts, without having to pay for a graphic designer or purchase a fancy new piece of software.

Follow along with these 5 enlightening tutorials and learn how to create professional looking credits using basic text styles, formats and layouts. Apply these tricks to your own future projects and you can be sure that your work will always stand out as a cut above the rest.

Module 7: Dark Movie Portrait (click to open)

Scaredy-cats, look away now! In this captivating module, we’re going to take you into a deep, dark world where we peel back the curtains and reveal the secrets behind the making of an award-winning piece of thriller movie artwork.

You’ll discover the impressive, but easy-to-follow techniques used by professional designers to produce dramatic imagery and elaborate, eerie portrait art. Not for the faint hearted!

Module 8: Urban Backgrounds (click to open)

In these 5 step-by-step video lessons, you’ll learn how to quickly and easily design and unearth popular grunge effects.

You’ll discover the tricks-of-the-trade as our experts reveal their most closely-guarded Photoshop secrets (that other experts would rather keep tucked away for themselves). Using the paintbrush and various layers, you too can follow along and produce modern, urban background images that can be applied to any of your own future projects.

Module 9: Applying Body Art (click to open)

In this module, you’ll discover a whole new way of applying body art, without creating a permanent imprint. Using the work files provided and these 5 in-depth video tutorials, you can follow along as we reveal how to produce elaborate and unique body art illusions. It’s a remarkable technique that can be used to dramatically enhance and individually stylize portraits.

You’ll also learn more about vector art and the liquify filter, which, once mastered, will have you producing images that rival some of best photo artists on the planet!

Module 10: Smoke (click to open)

Ignite your imagination with these 10 breathtaking video tutorials. Follow along at your own pace and discover how to modify and manipulate simple brush strokes to generate the appearance of smoke.

Observe the experts as they teach you how to break down these techniques into smouldering pieces, using the brush tool and multiple filters. What blazing creations and scenes will you come up with?

Module 11: Face Swapping (click to open)

Put yourself in someone else’s shoes, quite literally, with this swapping faces module. Through these 5 effective video lessons, you’ll learn the art of matching skin tones and seamlessly blending two photos together to produce a third, familiar character!

You can use the downloadable work files provided or for even more fun, follow along with your own pictures and discover the powerful (and often humorous) process of blending faces together. With the tips and advice revealed in this module, you will learn to master layer masks and other highly effective techniques.

Module 12: Abstract Effects (click to open)

Throughout this mesmerising module, you will learn how to take a plain black Photoshop canvas and turn it into a creative, abstract piece of artwork.

This easy-to-follow technique will teach you how to use the Photoshop filters effectively, helping you gain invaluable, transferable skills for future edits and background designs. Once you’ve mastered this technique, the opportunities are endless.

Module 13: Custom Logos (click to open)

Who needs expensive graphic designers when you have the ability to create your own custom identity and branding? In this compelling module, you’ll discover the real industry secrets to crafting a professional logo that will stand out!

Watch through the eyes of our experts as they unveil their best tricks, tips and clever techniques for producing professionally styled, custom logos. By the end of this module, you will understand the importance of contrast, alignment and composition within design, enabling you to add individuality and flair to your own graphics.

Module 14: Web Buttons (click to open)

Ever wondered how the striking buttons that you see on websites were created? In these three video tutorials, you can follow along as the experts explain how to create professional looking buttons that people actually want to click on!

Through the clever color blending and type tool techniques shared in this module, you will be able to take these skills and quickly and easily create and customise your very own web button designs to suit your every need.

Module 15: Header Graphics (click to open)

Need a professional header graphic for your letterhead or website? In these 3 captivating video lessons, created by our photoshop specialists, we will demonstrate the various selection and type tools required to create your very own header graphics.

Follow along with the experts and apply their methods as you incorporate your own images to create pixel perfect designs.

Module 16: Digital Screen Covers (click to open)

Learn the invaluable skill of advanced cropping, which enables you to easily combine images together and create effective montage pieces for all your needs!

With the easy steps taught within this module, you will quickly understand everything you need to know about product and content layout on a website by applying cleverly adapted and enhanced screenshots. Discover simple, transferable skills to build your own digital screen covers and graphics, as our experts hold you by the hand and walk you through these 6 detailed video tutorials.

Module 17: Authenticity Seal (click to open)

We’re positive this module will get your seal of approval. Through these 5 fascinating and advanced video tutorials, you will learn how to transform basic text and shapes into an impressive authenticity seal. This not only adds the trust factor and a professional finish to any website, but authenticity seals have also been proven to increase product sales.

Once you’ve learned these professional and fully transferable techniques, you can be sure that your images and webpages will always carry the winning seal of approval.

Module 18: Vector Greeting Card (click to open)

Create artistic and elaborate vector images through these specialist industry techniques. Make your designs stand out from the crowd by following these 10 in-depth video tutorials. Learn how using the pen tool effectively, can take your idea onto the next level.

Discover how to create your very own unique pieces of artwork, or practice along with our professionals as they demonstrate how to design effective and timeless greeting cards.

Module 19: Vector Art Portrait (click to open)

Uncover the hidden secrets to turning a portrait photograph into a piece of striking vector artwork. You will develop your editing skills rapidly and take your mastery of Photoshop onto another level, once you are through with these 14 detailed video tutorials.

Transform your photographs into modern, stylish, digital representations. Follow along as our experts demonstrate how adding the finer details can transform your images and bring them to life. Discover advanced color and pen tool techniques that can be applied to your own future projects.

Module 20: Stylized Characters (click to open)

Fancy yourself as the next big fashion designer or top graphic comic illustrator? Through these 12 versatile tutorials, you will advance and enhance your skills by discovering how to create stylized characters, all within Photoshop.

We’ll empower you to take your painting and artistic talents onto a whole new level, as you discover the effective use of color techniques used in stylistic portraits. What new characters and creative designs will you unleash into the world?

Here’s what’s included in iPhotoshop Course 2:


Extensive Training

20 World-class Photoshop training modules that follows on from iPhotoshop Course 1.


Lifetime Course Access

You set the pace. Unlimited access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Downloadable Work Files

2.5GB of downloadable work files included. Follow along, step-by-step, with each lesson.


Student Image Gallery

Upload and showcase your best images. Get feedback, tips and ratings. Prepare to be dazzled.


Private Community

Meet, mingle and connect with thousands of fellow Photoshop enthusiasts worldwide.


Download Library

Crammed-full of extra supporting tools and bonus resources to enhance your skills.


Certificate of Completion

Gives you a winning-edge at job interviews. Looks great on the wall!


Much More!